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What are your computer moving needs? Moving Solutions, in conjunction with STI, specializes in moving computers from any origin to any destination - worldwide. We have the expertise, equipment and global resources that make a computer move secure and efficient, and our highly-trained drivers are well-versed in handling high-value, sensitive shipments. Whether we are moving your computer systems as part of an office move or distributing your laptops all over the nation, we have your computer moving solution.

For computer moving, we have the specialized equipment necessary to insure a smooth, secure transportation process. Our flat floor, air ride trucks and vans absorb all the bumps in the road; lift gates facilitate the safe loading and unloading of computers; climate controlled vans maintain the ideal temperature for computers, servers and other sensitive equipment. Our drivers have extensive experience in moving computers and fragile, high-value shipments, ensuring an expert door-to-door computer move.

We are your computer moving company of choice, providing impeccable, reliable service nationwide and globally for your requirements. Do you have an upcoming computer moving need? Contact Moving Solutions today, and we will be happy to discuss how we can best serve your computer move. Request your FREE moving estimate today from the expert computer moving company, Moving Solutions!